Cake Pops!

I found the recipe for these cake pops on and had to try them. Perfect portable little servings of cake without messy frosting to deal with! I sprinkled them with colorful candy balls before they dried and gave them in a bunch to several friends for their birthdays- kind of an edible bouquet! I plan on trying other flavor and decorating combos in the future... it does take a lot of steps, but if you split them up and don't try to do it all at once it's totally manageable! And they sure are tasty and cute!

Cake Pops
Makes about 65 pops

1 boxed cake mix (I used Devil's Food Cake)
1 can frosting (I used fudge chip)
2 bags melting chocolate (I used Wilton candy melts that I found at Michael's Craft store in the candy-making aisle)
1 package of paper covered lollipop sticks (also got at Michael's)

1. bake the cake as directed on the box in a 9X13 pan, cool completely

2. crumble cake with your hands and mix in half of the can of frosting until the cake sticks together into a ball, add more frosting as needed (mixing with your hands is messy, but keeps you from using too much frosting which will ruin your pops)

3. roll cake into quarter sized balls and set on a baking sheet, chill for 30 minutes

4. melt some of the chocolate as directed on package; dip one end of a lollipop stick in the chocolate and then insert into halfway into the cake ball

5. refrigerate the pops for a few hours or freeze for 30 minutes to make sure they stay together when you dip them in the chocolate
6. melt one bag of chocolate in a glass measuring cup, dip each pop in to cover completely with chocolate and then tap the stick gently on the edge of glass to get rid of excess chocolate

7. if you want sprinkles on your cake pops, add them now while the chocolate is still wet, they dry very quickly

8. allow the pops to dry by placing them in a foam block, or in the holes of an upside down colander (like I did). Once dry they are ready to be eaten or assembled into a little cake pop arrangement, store in refrigerator up to 10 days, serve cold or at room temperature


  1. I am a follower of your blog and I liked you on Facebook and pinterest. I hope that I am comment in the right place to enter to win a cook book. If not let me know and I will try again! :)

  2. Perfect for my daughter's preschool potluck! Thanks for the step-by-step pictures and easy instructions!



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