Turkey Cake Pops!

I made these little guys as a Thanksgiving dessert/decoration, after being inspired by Bakerella. They were very time-consuming to make, but looked so adorable once they were finished! Everyone admired their cuteness and enjoyed eating them for dessert!

Turkey Cake Pops

1 batch cake pops (find the recipe here...)
1 bag candy corn
1 handful light colored chocolate covered espresso beans
heart sprinkles (red or orange)
mini candy chips (yellow or orange)
food-safe markers (black)
melting chocolate
1. melt the chocolate as directed on the package
2. lay 4 candy corn in a semi-circle on top of wax paper, dip one side of the cake pop in the chocolate, and lay it on top of the candy corn so they form a tail shape behind the pop, hold in place a few seconds until firm
3. take a chocolate covered espresso bean and using the black food-safe marker, draw 2 dots for eyes
4. using clean tweezers, dip a yellow or orange candy chip in a little of the melted chocolate and place below the eyes to form the beak
5. again using the tweezers, dip a heart sprinkle in a little of the chocolate and place upside down under the beak to form the gobbler (the tip of the bottom of the heart should touch the beak)
6. dip the back of the bean/head in melted chocolate and attach to the front of the cake pop
7. admire and then eat! :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness.... this dessert looks SO impressive and adorable!! They taste great too! The cake with all the icing tastes like a combination of rich chocolate cake and gooey brownies and with all the candy and espresso bean and melted chocolate... it's so much fun to taste all the different, delicious elements! It's hands-down one of the cutest and tastiest holiday-themed desserts ever!



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