Strawberry Firecracker Cake Balls

I made these strawberry flavored cake balls as a fun Fourth of July dessert. The soft inside tastes like strawberry shortcake, they're wrapped in a shell of creamy smooth white chocolate, and the sprinkle of pop rocks on top add a fun crunchy surprise- like fireworks in your mouth! :) Follow the directions here for even more step-by-step instructions with photos!

Strawberry Firecracker Cake Balls
Makes about 65

1 boxed cake mix, strawberry flavor
1/2 tub cream cheese flavored frosting
1-2 bags white chocolate candy melts

1. bake cake as directed on box and cool completely
2. crumble cake and mix in about 1/2 tub of frosting, just until you can form into balls
3. roll into quarter sized balls and chill for 30 minutes
4. melt one package of chocolate melts as directed on bag
5. dip each ball into the chocolate until completely covered, tap off excess with a fork, and place on wax paper
6. immediately, while chocolate is still wet, sprinkle the top with pop rocks and then allow to dry completely
7. eat, share, and save some for later! These will keep up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator- assuming you're able to keep them around that long! Enjoy! :)

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