Homemade Blackberry Poptarts

My love of Poptarts goes back to my childhood when my grandma would always have a box waiting for me at her house in the bottom cupboard where I could reach them. The first thing I would do after running in the door, after giving her a big hug, was to make a beeline straight for that box of sugary goodness, usually strawberry flavored. In high-school, I'd buy them out of the refrigerated vending machine and eat them for lunch- very nutritious, I know! So, naturally I had to try making them myself at home! I used blackberry jam for most of them, but I did try one with Nutella inside and it was amazing as well- naturally! :)

Homemade Blackberry Poptarts
Makes 6 mini poptarts

1 premade pie crust
6 teaspoons blackberry jam (or whatever flavor you like)

1. unroll pie crust into a circle and cut off edges so you are left with a rectangle of dough
2. cut the rectangle into 4 smaller rectangles and use the edges you removed to make two additional rectangles, so you have six total
3. place a teaspoon of jam on one side of each rectangle and fold remaining dough on top, like closing a book
4. use a fork to crimp all four edges of each rectangle to seal in filling
5. bake at 375 for 12 minutes or until lightly browned

Frosting:1 cup powdered sugar
1 drop each, red and blue food coloring (or whatever color you want)
milk to thin, about a tablespoon

Spoon a tablespoon of glaze over cooled poptarts and top with a dash of sprinkles. Allow to dry and then enjoy! :)

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  1. So pretty!! What great memories of your Grandma :) The pop tarts look great, I want to make the nutella ones :)



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