Nutella Poptarts

These tasty little homemade heart poptarts were stuffed with warm, melty Nutella! My Munchkin and I had fun cutting out the hearts, plopping blobs of Nutella down, and squishing the edges closed with a fork together- a perfect edible Valentine craft project! :)

Nutella Heart-Poptarts
Makes about 8 mini heart-poptarts

1 premade pie crust
2 tablespoons melted chocolate chips

1. unroll pie crust into a circle and cut out heart shapes, squish remnants and keep cutting as necessary until all dough is used
2. place a tablespoon of Nutella on one pie-crust heart
3. place another heart on top and use a fork to crimp all edges to seal in filling
4. bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes or until lightly browned
5. drizzle in melted chocolate and allow to cool, then enjoy!

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