Baby Food- Sweet Potato/ Yam Puree

Sweet Potatoes and Yams are considered almost interchangeable by most people. Whatever you call them, when baked in the oven these veggies produce a sweet and creamy puree that's perfect for baby! Loaded with beta carotene and tons of Vitamin A, these are also a great option for feeding baby on the go. Just take a whole baked sweet potato with you, in the car, airplane, etc, and mash and feed baby whenever you want!

Sweet Potato/ Yam Puree
Makes 1-3 Servings

1 Sweet Potato (or Yam)

1. Wash well under running water
2. Poke holes all over the sweet potato, using a fork (this lets out steam as it cooks)
3. Bake at 375 degrees for 30-60 minutes until tender when pierced with a fork
4. Scoop out the soft flesh and mash with a fork, or puree in a food processor until creamy. Serve as is or thin with breast milk or formula to achieve the appropriate consistency for your baby.

(Freezes well)

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