Pool Table Billiard Cupcakes

It was my brother's 26th birthday the other day and I decided to make some special cupcakes for him to celebrate! Funfetti cupcakes decorated like pool table billiard balls!

Pool Ball Cupcakes

16 prepared cupcakes
cream cheese frosting

Decorating Supplies:
green colored sanding sugar
blue colored sanding sugar
yellow colored sanding sugar
red colored sanding sugar
orange colored sanding sugar
purple colored sanding sugar
black colored sanding sugar
white colored sanding sugar
15 white Necco wafers
edible ink black marker
wax paper

1. Cut wax paper into strips about 2 inches wide and set aside.
2. Fill 8 small saucers with each color of sanding sugar.
3. Frost all cupcakes with white cream cheese frosting.
4. To make the solid colored balls, turn iced cupcakes upside down and gently roll in a circular motion in each of the colored sugars.
5. To make the striped balls, place one strip of waxed paper on each side of the iced cupcake top, leaving a 1 inch strip of frosting exposed in the center. Turn the cupcakes upside down and gently rock the exposed portion of iced cupcake in each of the colored sugars. Gently remove the wax paper strips and smooth frosting if necessary.
6. Use the edible ink black marker to write numbers on the necco wafers. Using a small blob of frosting, attach the appropriate number circle to the center of the colored and striped balls, leaving the white cupcake without one to be the cue ball.
7. Serve on a green felt covered platter in a triangle shape and enjoy!

(Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes)

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  1. These are really really cute! So colorful and fun! I have a friend who recently got a pool table, I should make her up a batch of these :) FUN!



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