Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookie Heads

My little girl loves Minnie Mouse, so for her third birthday party I made these cute little Minnie Mouse Oreo Heads to top her birthday cupcakes. Adorable! If you want Mickey Mouse cookie heads, just leave off the bow!

Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookie Heads
Makes about 30

1 package regular sized chocolate sandwich cookies (Double stuffed, Strawberry, etc. whatever kind you like!)
1 package mini sized chocolate sandwich cookies
1 cup dark chocolate candy melts (these harden faster than chocolate chips, so they work better)
1/4 cup white chocolate candy melts
pink triangle sprinkle candies (I bought mine from Michael's)

1. Melt dark chocolate candy melts in a small plastic bowl, as directed on the packaging. Dump mini oreo cookies into a bowl.
2. On a tray or large plate, place several regular sized oreo cookies.
3. Dip the edge of a mini oreo in chocolate and place it on one side of the regular oreo to form an ear. Slide another cookie underneath the rest of the mini oreo to hold it in place as the chocolate begins to harden and repeat the process again to make the other ear.

4. After assembling a couple heads, place the tray or plate in the freezer for a few seconds to harden the chocolate more quickly and then gently transfer the finished cookie heads to another tray. Repeat the process until you run out of oreos or decide you have enough.
5. On a large tray or piece of parchment paper, spread out all the completed cookie Minnie heads, turning them over so the small circles (ears) are underneath the big circle (head)..
6. Fill a small sandwich bag with the remaining melted dark chocolate. Snip a tiny bit off the corner of the bag, and squeeze to apply melted chocolate to the edge of the head where it touches one ear.
7. Using clean tweezers, place two of the pink triangle candy sprinkles on the melted chocolate with both triangles touching at one point to form a bow shape. Repeat for all the remaining heads.
8. Place the white chocolate candy melts in another small sandwich bag and melt as directed on the packaging. Snip a tiny bit off the corner of the bag, and squeeze to apply a tiny dot of melted white chocolate to the center of the bow, where the two sprinkles touch. Repeat for the rest of the cookie heads and allow to harden.
9. Admire your handiwork and eat leftover oreos to replenish your energy- you're done! :)

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