Blender BL610

  • If by any chance you are looking for a blender which can work both smoothly and professionally then BL610 by Ninja is the one now you would be thinking why, if yes then I’m here to answer this question of yours 
  • The Ninja Blender BL600 has a motor of 1000- watt, other than this motor it has a very sleek design and the design consists of six super sharp blades which can easily crush nuts, any sort of vegetables and ice cubes other than this it has one more superpower it does all the crushing and smashing smoothly, there is a reason why it is popular among people, this world is an expensive place to live in and that’s why people prefer spending their money on something which is worth spending, something like BL610 firstly it is cheaper than the other blender’s of this model available in the market .

  • Secondly it is worth every penny beside all of this it is super easy to clean and we humans love appliances which are easy to clean, it is not only easy to clean but is also to use and it is super safe anyone can use it, you need not have a lot of experience to work with this beautiful masterpiece, this blender allows you to be your own boss as it gives you the power to decide the level of speed, it comes with three options (speed levels) which are low, high and medium and other than these it even has a pulse button which helps you clear the air pockets.
  • Now that you know so much about this blender let’s help you with your first healthy smoothie ( surprise element this smoothie is going to be gluten-free) 

Ingredients – 

  1. One banana
  2. One and a half cups of frozen pineapple
  3. Fresh strawberries (about eight oz)
  4. Unsweetened milk (preferably coconut milk, almost two cups)
  5. Greek coconut yogurt

Before we begin with the instructions lets know about the benefits of some of the ingredients being used, strawberries help you burn fat (the stored one), it helps in boosting STM (short term memory), it helps in reducing inflammation other than these it also helps in improving the health of your bones and it even reduces the chances of a heart disease, strawberries are one of the healthiest fruits and other than health it makes your shakes tastier  


  1. Add strawberries to the blender and blend
  2. Make sure that the strawberries are properly blended
  3. Transfer the blended strawberries to a bowl
  4. Now add banana, milk, yogurt, and pineapple to the blender and blend, stop and add more milk and blend again
  5. Now take a glass and in that glass add mixture that you just made with the help of a spoon fill almost one-third of the glass and then add the strawberries mixture again using a spoon and fill the best of the glass
  6. That’s all, you can serve it now,You can even add some ice cubes to the glass.

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