Home Decor

  • Ways In Which You Can Decorate Your Room 

    Hang some photos  

    Some people think that photos are just for social media like Instagram but it is not so, you can print your beautiful and the most favorite pictures and then use them to make your boring wall look beautiful, if you just shifted to a new city for your higher studies and you are feeling homesick then too you can just cover your hostel’s room with the photos and then for sure you will feel a little less homesick other than the photos you can use some fairy light to hang your photos, adding fairy lights is like adding a little pixy dust to the boring life, fairy lights actually increase the beauty  

    Add some lighting to your dome room 

    You can cover your entire wall with fairy lights and it won’t ever feel a little too much or you can use some wine bottles and fill them with fairy light and then place them in the corners of your room 

    Get creative with your study area 

    Instead of filling your study area with boring posters you can fill it by pinning some photos, handwritten quotes, and some reminders on the board 

    A wall full of frames 

    You can fill your wall with different types of frames, some can have your pictures, some can have your favorite quotes whereas some can be dedicated to your favorite singer or any other favorite entertainer of yours. 

    If you are a sketcher 

    Some people do not like putting frames on their wall and some of those people turn out to be sketchers some good some bad but sketchers for them this idea is the best they can fill their wall with the help of their sketches no frames at all just their photos and their sketches. 

    One Nice shelf 

    You can build a shelf on your own and then fix it above your bed, after fixing it you can place some frames on it and the frames can have your photos, come photo collages and other photos you can have Some of your achievements like your certificates some of your sketches, anything for that matter 

    Color scheme 

    No, you do not need to paint your walls for this you can just do a little mix and match with the help of your posters, match the color of your posters with your room’s walls and with your bedding and your carpet if you have one 

    Wall of confetti  

    If you love colors which are bright then you should create a confetti wall, all you need to do is go to the market and get yourself some colored papers, I would suggest you go for your favorite color but make sure they are bright enough to give a new energy to your wall, once you are doing selecting and buying the paper you need to cut them into clean circles by clean here I mean proper circles and once you are done cutting them you can stick them to your wall 

  • Cool Ideas For Teenager’s Room

    Cool Ideas For Teenager’s Room

    This article is all about cool ideas for a teenager’s room, you need to decorate your teen’s room according to him/her and not according to you it’s time you look at things from their view and not from your perspective. 

    Always keep one thing in your mind while you are searching for ideas for your teen’s room, always remember that their bedroom is not just a place where they sleep but is a realistic expression of their identity. 

    Teenage is the time where kids stand in the middle of the road which would one day end and leads them to adulthood. 

    Teenagers do not use their room just for sleeping they use for having fun and on the other hand, they use it to build their future henceforth their room has a lot of purposes and when you set their room up you need to keep the multi-purpose point in your mind too, does not matter if the room is small you can get a little creative and then you will be able to create their ideal room, and do not forget to involve them in this process after all it’s their room and not yours. 

    Bold wall design

    Teenagers love bright colors and especially when your teen is a girl, bright colors bring energy and that’ what teens are full of while designing the wall make sure that it represents your teen, you can have some customized wall printed designs for the wall, they do not spoil the wall’s color 

    A place to have fun

    As I said before they are not just going to sleep in that room they are going to have fun as well so make sure that the room does not look boring, and while making the room a little fun you can help them be responsible as well, how? by getting them an aquarium and of course some fishes like this they will have a responsibility towards the fishes other than the aquarium you can have a hanging chair or a bed they will add the right amount of chemical X (by chemical X i mean fun) to the room. 

    Storage ideas

    We need to admit one thing that teenage is that period where you little human who is about to be an adult is the messiest, s/he has no idea how to keep the room organized and clean but you do, you have the idea. The room needs to have enough of the places where they can store their books, clothes, when comes to girls they always fall short on clothes when they wish to go out but their cupboards do not feel so, so make sure that the room has enough storage options like a dressing table, some drawers, some nice shelf other than these common options you can even go for an under the bed storage option, the market is full of such bins you will easily find them at any furniture shop and you and your teen would love them.