• Cheese Steak Sliders From Philly 

    Cheese Steak Sliders From Philly 

    Philly cheese steak sliders are one of the best party foods as they are stuffed with bell peppers, steak, cheese, and onions. 

    Making Philly cheese steak sliders are better than making a lot of sandwiches, making sandwiches individually can take a lot of your precious time whereas the sliders take slightly less time as you, how? These sliders hinge on the bread rolls, you need to go to the market and search for the ones which have their edges joined together, basically stuck together, place the entire pack on your chopping board and then hold the top with your hand gently and then slice through its loaf using a knife (serrated one). Now you can remove the top of the buns and then fill the space in between with your toppings and like this you will be able to make almost twelve mini sliders at once after filling you need to place the top of the bread back, brush them with some butter (garlic one) and then bake them, once baked nicely take them out of your oven and then you will have some nice sliders with delicious cheese (highly melted) and a top which is crusty. 

    Some tips- 

    1. For easily slicing place your steak in your refrigerator for at least two and a half hours, once the streak froze you can slice it, it actually helps in slicing if it’s frozen you can easily slice it thinly.
    2. If you are not going to serve it immediately then just prepare everything and just do not bake your sliders, bake them when you are about to eat them as sliders only taste nice when warm


    • Butter (divided into five spoons) 
    • Thinly sliced rib eye steak  
    • Salt (According to taste) 
    • Black pepper (According to taste) 
    • Onion (Diced, about two cups) 
    • Red and green bell peppers (diced one cup) 
    • Dinner rolls (A.K.A Hawaiian rolls) 
    • Mayonnaise (About four tablespoons) 
    • Shredded cheese (one and a half cup or about eight slices) 
    • Powder of garlic (one-fourth of a teaspoon) 


    1. Pre-heat your oven
    2. Take a skillet (make sure it has a heavy bottom) and place it on your stove turn the stove on and heat it, add butter (one spoon) and then add steak, season it and leave it for sixty seconds and then stir it, cook it until you feel it’s done, once done turn off the flames and keep the cooked steak aside.
    3. Onions’ turn, add butter to the pan and then onions stir them and then at salt, add bell peppers once onions seem tender, cook for another four to five minutes and once done keep them aside.
    4. Time for some slicing, slice the rolls, keep your hand on the top of the rolls and then slice. 
    5. Take a baking sheet and place rolls’ bottom on it, after it spread a layer of mayonnaise on both top and bottom of the rolls after mayonnaise spread steak and cooked vegetable, time for spreading some cheese, close it by placing the top of the rolls. 
    6. Take a small bowl and add garlic powder and three big spoons of butter to it, use a brush to spread it on the top of the rolls, bake for 10 minutes and then serve immediately


  • Burrito Chicken Bowls

    Burrito Chicken Bowls

    Living in a family where there are too many people means different eating habits and preferences, and no one agrees on one dish, if this is the case with you and your family let me tell this dish would make them all happy and agree for once on the same thing and they even might want to eat it again because Burrito chicken bowls are not only healthy but are full of taste as well that’s why they can please each and every member of your beautiful yet crazy family. 

    This recipe is not a happy recipe just because it is full of healthy ingredients, it is a happy recipe because it is a recipe which can be customized, you can use chicken or you can use shrimps if you like shrimps more than chicken, if you like more beans you can add more beans, nobody would stop you and your taste buds would fall in love with burrito bowls, burritos can never fall short on variations, you can serve it with anything even tortillas (corn ones). enough of the talking about the dish let’s know about the ingredients now which you know you can customize too customizing means you can add your own touch to the recipe 



    1. About one pound skinless, boneless chicken breasts
    2. Beans
    3. Cabot Light Cheddar or pepper jack (shredded)
    4. Peeled, sliced and pitted avocado
    5. lettuce(shredded) 
    6. Onions (diced)
    7. Salsa
    8. Cilantro
    9. Tortillas (only if you wish to serve the bowls with tortillas)
    10. Rice


    Ingredients that you would need for the chicken- 

    • Chili powder (half a tablespoon) 
    • Paprika (smoked, one small spoon) 
    • Cumin (one small spoon) 
    •  Oregano (dried, half a small spoon) 
    • Garlic powder  
    •  Red pepper flakes (crushed, half a small spoon) 
    •  Salt (one-fourth of a teaspoon) 
    •  Pepper (one-fourth of a small spoon) 
    • Canola or olive oil ( one tablespoon) 
    • Ingredients needed for the beans- 
    • Canola oil ( two tablespoons) 
    • One minced garlic clove 
    • One can of Rinsed, drained pinto beans (about fifteen ounces) 

    Ingredients needed for rice 

    • water (almost three cups) 
    • Brown basmati or jasmine rice, rinsed (one and a half cup) 
    • fresh cilantro (chopped, about one-fourth of the cup) 
    • Lime juice 




    For chicken , Take a ziplock bag and add chicken in it, on the chicken add all the ingredients required for it (the ones mentioned about the ingredient list), after adding the ingredients lock the bag and massage the chicken until it is properly coated, once the chicken is properly coated marinate it for about two hours in the refrigerator. 

    After marinating the chicken, spray some cooking spray on your pan and then place your pan over your stove or induction, after a while add chicken and cook it for about eight to nine minutes, once cooked turn the flames off.

    Take a saucepan, add water to it and then let it boil once the water is boiled add rice to it, you need to cook brown rice for about thirty to forty minutes once cooked add lime juice and cilantro.

    Take a pan and add about two spoons of oil to it and then heat it, after heating ass garlic and then cook it for about fifty to sixty seconds and then add beans and cook for about two minutes. 

    Take out some serving bowl and  serve chicken, beans, rice and the toppings in different serving bowls so that each member of your family can customize their own bowl 

  • Blender  BL610

    Blender BL610

    • If by any chance you are looking for a blender which can work both smoothly and professionally then BL610 by Ninja is the one now you would be thinking why, if yes then I’m here to answer this question of yours 
    • The Ninja Blender BL600 has a motor of 1000- watt, other than this motor it has a very sleek design and the design consists of six super sharp blades which can easily crush nuts, any sort of vegetables and ice cubes other than this it has one more superpower it does all the crushing and smashing smoothly, there is a reason why it is popular among people, this world is an expensive place to live in and that’s why people prefer spending their money on something which is worth spending, something like BL610 firstly it is cheaper than the other blender’s of this model available in the market .

    • Secondly it is worth every penny beside all of this it is super easy to clean and we humans love appliances which are easy to clean, it is not only easy to clean but is also to use and it is super safe anyone can use it, you need not have a lot of experience to work with this beautiful masterpiece, this blender allows you to be your own boss as it gives you the power to decide the level of speed, it comes with three options (speed levels) which are low, high and medium and other than these it even has a pulse button which helps you clear the air pockets.
    • Now that you know so much about this blender let’s help you with your first healthy smoothie ( surprise element this smoothie is going to be gluten-free) 

    Ingredients – 

    1. One banana
    2. One and a half cups of frozen pineapple
    3. Fresh strawberries (about eight oz)
    4. Unsweetened milk (preferably coconut milk, almost two cups)
    5. Greek coconut yogurt

    Before we begin with the instructions lets know about the benefits of some of the ingredients being used, strawberries help you burn fat (the stored one), it helps in boosting STM (short term memory), it helps in reducing inflammation other than these it also helps in improving the health of your bones and it even reduces the chances of a heart disease, strawberries are one of the healthiest fruits and other than health it makes your shakes tastier  


    1. Add strawberries to the blender and blend
    2. Make sure that the strawberries are properly blended
    3. Transfer the blended strawberries to a bowl
    4. Now add banana, milk, yogurt, and pineapple to the blender and blend, stop and add more milk and blend again
    5. Now take a glass and in that glass add mixture that you just made with the help of a spoon fill almost one-third of the glass and then add the strawberries mixture again using a spoon and fill the best of the glass
    6. That’s all, you can serve it now,You can even add some ice cubes to the glass.

  • Chicken Bacon Quesadilla 

    Chicken Bacon Quesadilla 


    • Tortillas ( Made up of flour, not corn) 
    • shredded  chicken and seasoned too (one-fourth of a cup) 
    • Crumbled and cooked bacon (about one-fourth of a cup) 
    • Ranch dressing, low fat is ok (preferably low fat and about four big spoons) 
    • Red pepper 
    • Cheese (any, depends on your choice) 


    1. Take two tortillas and then spread about two tablespoons of dressing on them
    2. On the top of the dressing put some cheese, bacon and then chicken after putting all the main ingredients sprinkle pepper flakes on both of them and if you are not a fan of chili you can miss it, do not like do not add it, simple.
    3. Place another tortilla on the top
    4. Time for some heating, place a pan which has a heavy bottom on your stove and then turn the stove on once done with it let it heat your favorite plan.
    5. Once done with heating add your dishes in your pan, you need to cook both the side turn by turn give two minutes to each of the sides and if the cheese inside does not melt within the total four minutes add in some extra minutes, let the cheese melt and allow the tortillas to turn a little brown.

    Nutrition information 

    This recipe is full of nutrients as it gives about Four hundred and fourteen grams of calories per serving (Two hundred and fifty-three grams of calories are from the fat) about seven point four grams of protein, about thirty-two point nine grams of carbohydrates and the ratio is a little high when it comes to sodium which is about eight hundred and sixty mg. 

    Goat salad 


    • Clean, dried greens (Now the header greens can have anything from baby spinach to arugula, from radicchio to Romania) 
    • Cranberries (Dried, about three big spoons) 
    • Halved walnuts (One-fourth of a cup) 
    • Dressing (One tablespoon, raspberry vinaigrette) 
    • Goat cheese (Make sure it is fresh as it is one of the main ingredients of the salad) 


    1. Take a salad bowl and that salad bow add cranberries, greens, dressing, and walnuts, once you are done adding all the ingredients start mixing, mix with all the gentleness you have
    2. Now take a spoon and start breaking the cheese, the cheese needs to be broken into chunks (uneven) that too on the top of your salad

    Suggestions for the serving 

    1. You can eat it with fish and a glass of wine, this combo would make the best of the dinner combos for you
    2. If you are not in a mood to have something heavy in your dinner then you can serve yourself the goat salad with a cup of tea
    3. If you have some important guests coming for dinner you can serve it with your other items to make a nice impression on the guests


    Nutrition information 

    The goat salad per serving consists of about two hundred and nine mg of sodium, about two hundred and fifty-two grams of calories, twelve point eight grams of protein and three point six grams of carbohydrates.