Cheese Steak Sliders From Philly 


Philly cheese steak sliders are one of the best party foods as they are stuffed with bell peppers, steak, cheese, and onions. 

Making Philly cheese steak sliders are better than making a lot of sandwiches, making sandwiches individually can take a lot of your precious time whereas the sliders take slightly less time as you, how? These sliders hinge on the bread rolls, you need to go to the market and search for the ones which have their edges joined together, basically stuck together, place the entire pack on your chopping board and then hold the top with your hand gently and then slice through its loaf using a knife (serrated one). Now you can remove the top of the buns and then fill the space in between with your toppings and like this you will be able to make almost twelve mini sliders at once after filling you need to place the top of the bread back, brush them with some butter (garlic one) and then bake them, once baked nicely take them out of your oven and then you will have some nice sliders with delicious cheese (highly melted) and a top which is crusty. 

Some tips- 

  1. For easily slicing place your steak in your refrigerator for at least two and a half hours, once the streak froze you can slice it, it actually helps in slicing if it’s frozen you can easily slice it thinly.
  2. If you are not going to serve it immediately then just prepare everything and just do not bake your sliders, bake them when you are about to eat them as sliders only taste nice when warm


  • Butter (divided into five spoons) 
  • Thinly sliced rib eye steak  
  • Salt (According to taste) 
  • Black pepper (According to taste) 
  • Onion (Diced, about two cups) 
  • Red and green bell peppers (diced one cup) 
  • Dinner rolls (A.K.A Hawaiian rolls) 
  • Mayonnaise (About four tablespoons) 
  • Shredded cheese (one and a half cup or about eight slices) 
  • Powder of garlic (one-fourth of a teaspoon) 


  1. Pre-heat your oven
  2. Take a skillet (make sure it has a heavy bottom) and place it on your stove turn the stove on and heat it, add butter (one spoon) and then add steak, season it and leave it for sixty seconds and then stir it, cook it until you feel it’s done, once done turn off the flames and keep the cooked steak aside.
  3. Onions’ turn, add butter to the pan and then onions stir them and then at salt, add bell peppers once onions seem tender, cook for another four to five minutes and once done keep them aside.
  4. Time for some slicing, slice the rolls, keep your hand on the top of the rolls and then slice. 
  5. Take a baking sheet and place rolls’ bottom on it, after it spread a layer of mayonnaise on both top and bottom of the rolls after mayonnaise spread steak and cooked vegetable, time for spreading some cheese, close it by placing the top of the rolls. 
  6. Take a small bowl and add garlic powder and three big spoons of butter to it, use a brush to spread it on the top of the rolls, bake for 10 minutes and then serve immediately



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