Chicken Bacon Quesadilla 



  • Tortillas ( Made up of flour, not corn) 
  • shredded  chicken and seasoned too (one-fourth of a cup) 
  • Crumbled and cooked bacon (about one-fourth of a cup) 
  • Ranch dressing, low fat is ok (preferably low fat and about four big spoons) 
  • Red pepper 
  • Cheese (any, depends on your choice) 


  1. Take two tortillas and then spread about two tablespoons of dressing on them
  2. On the top of the dressing put some cheese, bacon and then chicken after putting all the main ingredients sprinkle pepper flakes on both of them and if you are not a fan of chili you can miss it, do not like do not add it, simple.
  3. Place another tortilla on the top
  4. Time for some heating, place a pan which has a heavy bottom on your stove and then turn the stove on once done with it let it heat your favorite plan.
  5. Once done with heating add your dishes in your pan, you need to cook both the side turn by turn give two minutes to each of the sides and if the cheese inside does not melt within the total four minutes add in some extra minutes, let the cheese melt and allow the tortillas to turn a little brown.

Nutrition information 

This recipe is full of nutrients as it gives about Four hundred and fourteen grams of calories per serving (Two hundred and fifty-three grams of calories are from the fat) about seven point four grams of protein, about thirty-two point nine grams of carbohydrates and the ratio is a little high when it comes to sodium which is about eight hundred and sixty mg. 

Goat salad 


  • Clean, dried greens (Now the header greens can have anything from baby spinach to arugula, from radicchio to Romania) 
  • Cranberries (Dried, about three big spoons) 
  • Halved walnuts (One-fourth of a cup) 
  • Dressing (One tablespoon, raspberry vinaigrette) 
  • Goat cheese (Make sure it is fresh as it is one of the main ingredients of the salad) 


  1. Take a salad bowl and that salad bow add cranberries, greens, dressing, and walnuts, once you are done adding all the ingredients start mixing, mix with all the gentleness you have
  2. Now take a spoon and start breaking the cheese, the cheese needs to be broken into chunks (uneven) that too on the top of your salad

Suggestions for the serving 

  1. You can eat it with fish and a glass of wine, this combo would make the best of the dinner combos for you
  2. If you are not in a mood to have something heavy in your dinner then you can serve yourself the goat salad with a cup of tea
  3. If you have some important guests coming for dinner you can serve it with your other items to make a nice impression on the guests


Nutrition information 

The goat salad per serving consists of about two hundred and nine mg of sodium, about two hundred and fifty-two grams of calories, twelve point eight grams of protein and three point six grams of carbohydrates. 


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