Cleaning a Keurig with Vinegar – Works?


Enthusiasm for and addiction of coffee are totally understandable owing to the fact the coffee is indeed irresistible. This enthusiasm sometimes cracks down on the coffee maker. If you own a Keurig coffee maker, you must know how great it is when used but you might overlook the fact that it needs maintenance as well. Coffee granules and water when run through the machine are bound to leave traces behind in the form of clutters inside the machine. When left unchecked, this can prove fatal for your coffee maker. Regular water cannot rid the pipelines of such clutters, thus a vinegar solution is used. This is considered to be the best method for cleaning coffee makers. Let us see how you can use this method.

clean a keurig coffee maker

clean a keurig coffee maker

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The articles required for cleaning

There are a few things you must get ready in order to start cleaning the Keurig coffee maker with vinegar solution. Those things are as follows:

  1. A dry and clean cloth, the fabric should not be abrasive
  2. Some water
  3. Some white vinegar
  4. A soap

Keep these items ready and we will explain to you how to combine them for cleaning.

The instructions for cleaning a keurig coffee maker

We recommend that you stick to the instructions that we have laid down as under:

First things first: ensure that the machine is unplugged. It is important to keep electricity miles away when coming down to cleaning.

Check for the detachable parts. They have to be kept aside and cleaned separately. These parts include K-cup holder, mug stand, lid and water reservoir. These parts are to be washed with warm and soapy water. Before fitting them back, they must be properly dried out.

Cleaning the surface of the machine: Make sure you have a clean and dry cloth. Use that cloth to wipe surface of your coffee maker. The region around the pod holder may accumulate tea and coffee granules and has to be properly cleaned.

Having carried out the previous step, replace the detachable parts.

Plug the Keurig in. Now comes the work of the vinegar. Vinegar essentially helps remove the stubborn granules with the help of its chemical properties. The process is known as descaling.

Fill out water reservoir of your Keurig with vinegar up to half of its capacity.

Fill the remaining space with water.

Having done that, kick off the brew process but without inserting the K-cup. The brew cycle has to be repeated until it runs down and empties the entire reservoir.

Once the reservoir is emptied, fill it out with plain water and let it brew to rid the machine of traces of vinegar.

Keurig lays down recommendations in which it is stated that this process should be carried out once every 3-6 months.

You may be a proud owner of a Keurig. It is time you start giving it the care it needs before a breakdown occurs. Do not forget to stick to the steps. Once done, the performance of the coffee maker is bound to improve. Happy brewing!


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