Tekton 24340 Model

  •  Tekton has introduced a lot of torque wrench models in the market but 24340 one is one of the best as it is not only simple to use but is durable as well it can handle from 25ft lb to 250 
  • It has about twenty-four teeth, the drive is of about half an inch and it is entirely of about twenty-five inches (the length), to use it to its full extent one must use it with SUV’s and Trucks, basically, equipment which is large in size, heavy-duty is used to make this beauty.  
  • Talking about the features it is flawless especially when heavy equipment is concerned. 
  • The head of this beauty is inspired by ratchet style and the drive that it has is reversible, Chrome steel is used to make the elements of the head, it is not designed for a show it is instead designed to ensure potential, toughness, and durability 
  • It is popularly known as a click type, it lets you know when to stop adding pressure it when you put a lot more pressure than needed it results in over-tightening, the way this model works is impressive, it won’t ever dissatisfy you. 

  • The design of the handle is inspired from the knurled fashion, which simply means that no matter what you will always have a nice grip and palms will always feel comfortable, no matter how tough this model is it never compromises on comfort. 
  • It is made up of steel, entirely other than steel it has a coating of corrosion-resistant, the fact that it is entirely made up of steel allows us to know that it is highly durable. 
  • It is by nature versatile and convenient as it has a Dual scale of range other than dual range scale it has a micrometer which is painted and stamped, talking about the scales the main scale can be located on it’s handled, the main scale has a laser layer engraved. 
  • The total weight of this beauty is just six and a half pounds, and the length is about twenty-five inches. 
  • This model can be used by first-timers as well as by experienced people as it does not require any experience it is very simple to use other than the experience factor people who own an SUV or any Truck must own Tekton 24340 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons now 


  1. Solid
  2. Reliable
  3. Durable
  4. Clear scales and readouts
  5. Strong handle
  6. Comfortable grip
  7. Accurate
  8. Works amazingly with heavy applications


  1. For some, it is a little too heavy
  2. Can’t easily work with it in small areas/ spacing


One can rely on this particular model and it would not fail you, it clicks at the right time and the click is properly audible other than this it is very easy to use anyone can use it even if someone is dealing with a wrench for the first time the only troublesome thing about this particular model is that it can be a little too heavy for some people and other than the weight problem one can’t easily use it in areas which are small. 


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