The Ninja Coffee Brewer


 We all crave coffee, at least once in a day and some of us are extraordinary so they crave coffee at least five times a day so what do we do about this craving we get ready and visit the nearby coffee store then we place an order and in the end we pay for it, paying is not bad but paying too much is that too just for one cup of coffee, You can avoid this everyday expense by just investing in a coffee brewer and not in any coffee brewer but in one of the best which is CF085Z Ninja brewer. 

 The Ninja coffee brewer does not put a limit on your requirement for coffee, sometimes you just wish to have one cup of delicious coffee whereas sometimes your friends or family members visit you and you require about four cups of coffee, with Ninja brewer you do not need to worry about unexpected visits, why? Because it offers you four different sizes, which are a single cup, Travel mug, Half and full carafe.With Ninja brewer, you do not need to be worried about being bored as it won’t bore you, how? It can brewer in four different styles which mean once you get bored with one style of brewing you can move to the other style 

  • Classic brew 
  • Over ice brew 
  • Rich brew 
  • Specialty brews 

This even means that you do not have to stick to one type of coffee as it offers you a variety of them, how cool is that now you do not need to suppress your coffee craving 

This Ninja coffee brewer is one of the simplest brewers available in the market, to use it you do not need an experience as it has One-touch auto-qi intelligence which means you need not to put any extra efforts to make any of special coffee 

The system that this particular model has is very much advanced as it uses the right amount of water and the reservoir that it comes with is see-through. 

The best part about this brewer is that it comes with a thermal carafe which is made up of stainless steel which simply points to the fact that it is durable and the size of the carafe is 43-ounce, it is not only durable but it also makes your work easy as it keeps your coffee fresh  

Other than the carafe you would receive a book full of forty different coffee recipes about five paper filters, a special scoop, a tumbler (18 ounces cold and hot) and a filter which is the permanent one 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons 


  • Easy to operate 
  • variety of brewing styles and sizes 
  • Durable Carafe (Thermal) 
  • Simple Milk Frother 
  • Water reservoir through which you can see 


  • According to some customers, it does not brew coffee as hot as they desire 


It does not have a lot of cons though as everything in this world has its own set of pros and cons so does this machine as there is not much on the graph of cons I personally would prefer to buy this model 


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